The Hidden Dimension is a cinematic portrait of queer photographer Leo Maki. An intimate journey into his mind
 and the creative process behind his work where reality blends with memories, desire, inspiration and convictions. A short documentary that peels off the layers of the artist’s identity and shows the beauty and struggles of creating your own safe space surrounded by LGBTQIA+ communities in Poland.

Artist: Leo Maki
Dir.: Ben Galster
Written by Ben Galster & Tom Czibolya
Production: Container Love
Producer: Julia Groszek
DoP: Bernhard Russow
1st AC: Philip Ratuschny
1st AC: Kalle Kallovsky
Gaffer: Olaf Jurdyga
Grip: Marek "Szkot" Rumak
Grip Assistant Patryk Świrski
Sound Recordist: Marcin Bary Popławski @bary_tone
Editor: David Fabra
Composer: Gordian Gleisz (86Tales)
Sound Design & Mix: Dennis Beckmann
Colour Grading: Joseph Bicknell (Company3)
VFX: Katalyst Berlin, Tobias Lamp (diffrent Berlin), Peter Maarsden
AI Artist: Harald Schaack (Grotesk Group), 
Title Design & Artwork: Funs Kurstjens (Oooz Design Club), Steffen Leukel
Trailer Edit: Anselm Koneffke
Production Coordinator. Javier Zamora-Kalazich
PA: Babken Sakanyan, Drew Lor, Nadine Sahm, Yasmin Momodu, Hendrik Wenzel
Driver: Pablo Dominguez